Birding Winnebago County

Howard's Farm Overlook

Location Information

The small paved parking area gives a sweeping view of the pastures and ponds.
Howard's Farm Overlook
12745 Trask Bridge Road (IL Rte. 70)
Durand, Illinois

Species & Habitat

Signature bird & wildlife: In fall, winter and early spring a few domestic geese, Llamas and Fallow Deer are often accompanied by thousands of Canada Geese that come in from the surrounding corn fields to loaf in the pastures and bathe in the ponds. The flocks often include other waterfowl, including White-fronted, Cackling, Snow and Ross Geese and a variety of ducks. Bald Eagles nest nearby and are often present. Red-tailed Hawks and occasionally Rough-legged Hawks hunt the open fields.
Rare bird & wildlife: During migration White Pelicans and Sandhill Cranes may use the wet areas in the pastures. Shorebirds can be around the ponds.

Site Access Information

Hours of operation: Daylight
Site Restrictions: Please do not trespass. Watch traffic. Cars travel quite fast around curves and over blind hills.

Driving Directions