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Ridott Oxbows

Location Information

The elevated road with wide shoulders gives good viewing of farm fields that can be flooded by the Pecatonica River, particularly in early spring. Waterfowl sometimes congregate in huge numbers.
Ridott Oxbows
Rock City Road north of the small town of Ridott
Ridott, Illinois

Species & Habitat

Signature bird & wildlife: Bald Eagles nest nearby and are often present. Large flocks of migrant waterfowl can include Trumpeter and Tundra Swans, Snow, Ross's, White-fronted, Cackling and Canada Geese as well as many dabbling ducks, diving ducks, Coot, Hooded Mergansers and Pied-billed Grebes.As the floodwaters recede in spring (and occasionally in fall), shorebirds move in on the exposed mudflats. Sometimes Peregrine Falcons hunt this area when shorebirds are present.

Site Access Information

Hours of operation: Daylight
Site Restrictions: Use caution parking on the road shoulders. Adjacent land is privately owned. Please do not trespass.

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