Birding Winnebago County

Blackhawk Park

Location Information

15th Avenue crosses the Rock River on a four lane bridge.  The Rock River is often ice-free here in the winter due to turbulence caused by the Fordham dam just upstream.
Blackhawk Park
115 15th ave.
Rockford, Illinois

Species & Habitat

Signature bird & wildlife: Many Canada Geese often roost for the night and loaf during the day just upstream from the bridge. Other species of geese sometimes join them. A good viewing location for the roosting geese is along Nelson Boulevard, a small street that runs north from 15th Ave. along the east bank of the river. A paved road in Blackhawk Park parallels the east shore of the Rock River downstream from the bridge affording good views of the open water. Goldeneye, Mergansers, and other waterfowl can be seen in this area. Bald Eagles hunt the river. Peregrine Falcons and Merlins are ocassionally found perched in the trees along the river.Carolina Wrens are sometimes found along the rocky cliffs just southeast of the baseball stadium in Blackhawk Park.

Site Access Information

Hours of operation: Daylight
Site Restrictions: Watch for traffic

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